Demanding solutions for automobile interiors / exteriors

Masterbatches for the automotive industry

Demanding solutions for automobile interiors / exteriors

We know: Developing the right color, functionality and stabilization for technical plastics in the automotive sector is a demanding task.

Plastics are being used more and more in the automotive industry with the aim of saving weight and reducing costs, paired with precise optical ideas, tight tolerances and a high level of striving for individuality, innovation and performance.

Interior components must meet the OEM-specific requirements for hot light fastness in addition to a high color match to the color template. Sensors and lamp housings are joined using a process-reliable and low-emission laser welding technology. Marking lasers enable fast and non-removable part coding. Process aids can optimize process reliability and reduce emissions. Application-specific specified masterbatches or combination masterbatches help to efficiently solve these diverse requirements.

Polymer-identical carrier systems are important for the greatest possible compatibility of the metered masterbatch with the technical polymers to be colored. As a service partner, we support you with our know-how in the choice of carrier and the development of your specific masterbatches.

Application examples for our masterbatch solutions in the automotive sector:

  • Switches, handles, buttons, car keys
  • Seat components
  • Fittings
  • Housing and plug connections
  • Buckle / belt systems
  • Interior and exterior parts
  • Vehicle lights
  • Sensors

Lifocolor solutions / products:

  • LIFOCOLOR color masterbatches: interior colors according to the color master plate
  • LIFOCOMP: Homogenized color distribution in the injection molding process
  • LIFOMIX: Masterbatches for glass fiber reinforced (GF) plastics
  • Laser marking masterbatches LIFOLAS M
  • Laser welding masterbatches LIFOLAS W
  • LIFOSTAT: prevention of static charges
  • LIFOSTAB: Protection against UV radiation and weather resistance
  • LIFOSLIP: Improvement of flowability and mold filling as well as mold release aid
  • LIFOMOD: Formaldehyde reduction during POM processing

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