Solutions for Engineering Polymers
Solutions for Engineering Polymers

Innovation Potential through important Properties

Strong Materials for Engineering Applications

Technical polymers are already used in many areas as a replacement for metal, glass or ceramic, with the goal of reducing weight. Thanks to the innovation potential and due to the diversity of the polymers used, the market has realised high rates of growth. The demand is growing for efficient light materials in the electro & electronics industry, automotive industry, construction sector and in consumer product manufacturing, such as coffee and dishwashing machines. Depending on the use, various polymer types are used - starting with ABS, PC, PA, PMMA, POM, PBT, SAN to ASA, PPS, PPA, and fluoropolymers.

Carrier systems identical to polymer are required for the greatest possible compatibility of the dosing masterbatch with the coloured and technical polymers. It is important that the masterbatch does not negatively affect the polymers and end products. Therefore, in order to not affect the optical characteristics, optimal dispersion of the appropriate colourant must be worked with when colouring technical film. The heat stability required for technical polymers in many cases also needs to be sustained.

The inherent colour of the impact modified or filled polymer system is also considered when developing customised masterbatches. If the polymer or compound is inadequately stabilised for end use, the composition can be taken into account. Commercial equipping with additional additives, along with additional colour pigments is supported with combination batches. This is also helpful because the correct colour for the inherently coloured polymer product also indicates the exact content of the active ingredients that are additionally needed.

Lifocolor provides LIFOCOMP and LIFOMIX concepts, in addition to the qualified LIFOCOLOR masterbatch solutions.

LIFOCOMP compounds facilitate homogenised colour distribution in order to avoid inhomogeneity through inadequate distribution during injection moulding.

LIFOMIX allows complex, technical polymers or compounds to be coloured and additives to be added to them without losing their physical characteristics.

Examples Of Use

  • Gears
  • Technical foils
  • Rolls
  • Seals
  • Housing
  • Medical devices
  • Mechanical Engineering Components
  • Lamps
  • Writing Instruments
  • Insulation
  • Automotive Interior/Exterior

Lifocolor Solutions / Products

  • LIFOLAS W Laser Welding-Masterbatches
  • LIFOLAS M Laser Marking-Masterbatches

More information about colour masterbatches for engineering polymers.

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Solutions for Engineering Polymers

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