Allows direct colouring, completely without dosing

What Are Compounds?

A compound is a mixture of polymer with additives and/or filler material. This eliminates the need for separate masterbatch dosing on the processing machine, because the compound is processed directly without further mixing. Variations in the intrinsic colour of various polymer batches can be compensated as a result.

When Compounds Are Used?

A masterbatch is not always the best choice. A compound is more qualified for the following cases:

  • Distribution Problems: You're using a masterbatch and discover during processing that streaks are forming or there are differences in colour? These are what we would call distribution problems.
  • High Masterbatch LDR (Let Down Ratio) Requiered: Special applications, such as additive for light scattering, sometimes require high amounts of colourant and additive to be added. In these cases, adding a masterbatch is often not the most economical or best technical solution. High intrinsic colour of the polymer, and thus greater need for colouring pigments, can also be a reason for adding more masterbatch. The high amount of masterbatch added can negatively impact the properties of the finished part.
  • Security Needed In Terms of Consistent Active Ingredient Content: Sufficient stability of critical processing processes presumes a very high requirement for homogeneity in the components added. Example: Laser additives.
  • No Dosing Systems Available: Qualified masterbatch processing requires suitable dosing systems in material feeding

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