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Masterbatch Variety for Packaging

Packaging made from polymers are appropriate for various products. It facilitates the transport of delicate goods and protects the contents from external factors, such as dampness or light that could alter the quality of the product. This protection is especially important for food products that could spoil more quickly in transport. Polymer packaging creates an effective barrier against harmful pests or microorganisms that could impact the quality of the contents and/or be harmful to consumers during warehousing. Furthermore, it allows packaged food products to be stored in a protective gas atmosphere that positively affects its shelf life and optics. 

Canisters, tubes, bottles and caps - packaging such as these and many more need to be created. The demand ranges from optically heavy thin-wall colourings to transparent thick-wall colourings. By choosing appropriate carrier polymers, pigment and additive contents, individual solutions are created according to the ideas of the packaging manufacturers and with consideration for the packaging contents and intended storage time.

Along with the desired colour tone and possible effects, such as glitter, glitz, metallic or pearl effects, it is also necessary to consider the processing conditions. With the right additives, handling and assembling forces can be adjusted according to technical specifications. They can be laser labelled, if necessary. Qualified colouring helps to avoid weakening future packaging.

Which polymers and additives are used depends, above all, on the contents to be packaged later on. For example, UV absorbers prevent the packaged goods from ageing prematurely. Lifocolor colourists also consider the future strength of the sides of the packaging as well as the mechanical demands and necessary antistatic or tribological characteristics. The manner of use, such as how users will handle the packaging, also affects the masterbatch composition. In this way, the opening force of snap locks, for example, can be controlled with a combination of nucleation and slip. An especially high level of transparency is achieved with specialised clarifier.

The colourists are meeting the sustainable packaging trend - based on post-consumer polymers or bio-based polymers - with recyclable or biodegradable-based masterbatches. The components in these must, of course, be suitable and approved for the packaged content. Additionally, these must facilitate later recycling or possible composting, such as by supporting downstream sorting, material flows or polymer degradation.

Examples of Use

  • Bottles
  • Caps
  • Soap Dispenser
  • Deodorant Sprays
  • Tubes
  • Canister

Lifocolor Solutions / Products

  • LIFOCOLOR BIO                                                
  • LIFOSTAB Content Protection Masterbatches
  • LIFOSTAT Antistatic Masterbatches
  • LIFONUK Nucleation Masterbatches
  • LIFOSLIP Slip Agent-Masterbatch
  • LIFOLAS M Laser Marking-Masterbatches
  • LIFOCYCLE - Products for the recycling process

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Packaging Solutions

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