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It is important to place emphasis on the packaging for cosmetics and body care products. Extraordinary products deserve extraordinary packaging that integrates with the material selection and colour scheme of the brand image. Appropriately matching colours across the product lines effectively promotes branding. The packaging appeal that mirrors the product quality plays a key role in purchase decisions.

Polymers provide a multitude of possibilities here. With the help of colour pigments and additives, tailor-made solutions can be developed. The colouristic employees consider various polymer materials in order to purposefully achieve the desired effects and colours.

A fine and deep sheen, such as the mother-of-pearl effect, multicolour or “interference” colour, among others, are often in demand. A classy-looking deep black colouring in particular, or one that creates a metallic look. Suitable masterbatches provide an alternative to metallising or lacquering. With transparent or translucent packaging, pigments made from glass with a glitter effect create a high-quality look.

In addition packaging being designed with especially brilliant, high-quality colours, it should also be correct in terms of feel. A classy-looking surface gloss that is comfortable to the touch creates a positive impression. And lastly, polymer protects the often high-value content from being damaged by outside influences.

Currently, more and more sustainable packaging solutions for cosmetics are in demand. Colourants and additives are important here. These match the sustainably produced polymer carriers and their composition supports the entire concept.

For cosmetic packaging, product safety requirements must naturally be met. The migration of harmful substances from the packaging is to be avoided. Lifocolor, of course, takes cosmetic packaging requirements into consideration when choosing appropriate raw materials.

Examples of Use

  • Bottles, atomizers, pumps, tottles
  • Caps, covers, overcaps
  • Tubes, Tottles
  • Crucibles, jars
  • Lipstick, mascara packaging
  • Eyeliner, eyebrow, lip liner, nail care pencils and applicators
  • Soap dispenser
  • Deodorant packaging and applications

Lifocolor Solutions / Products

  • LIFOSTAB Light/Content Protection-Masterbatch
  • LIFOCOLOR EFFECTS - Multi colour effect, Metal Look 2.0, Metallic effect
  • LIFOSTAT Antistatic-Masterbatch
  • LIFOSLIP Slip Agent-Masterbatch
  • LIFOCYCLE - Products for the recycling process

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