Solutions for biopolymers
Solutions for biopolymers

Colour up your biopolymers!

Bioplastics on the Run?

Answers to questions regarding a circular economy are being sought from all stakeholders in our supply chain in order to counteract climate change and conserve resources. One essential approach to designing polymer products and packaging made of mostly or completely sustainable ingredients are polymers made from renewable resources: the latter, called bioplastics or biopolymers.

What are biopolymers?

The terms “bioplastics” and “biopolymers” are not protected. They are used differently with similar intentions, and refer to polymers that are either partly or fully made from renewable resources or from mineral, fossil-based materials and are biodegradable.

Lifocolor as a strong partner for biological solutions

We develop appropriate solutions for colouring and functionalising all types of biopolymer mentioned depending on your needs. Our LIFOCOLOR BIO product range combines all of our products relating to this issue:

bio-based, biodegradable:

oil-based, biodegradable:

bio-based, non-biodegradable:
WPC (Wood Plastic Composite)


Colour takes over the world of biopolymers

Degradability under home composting conditions is only taken fully into account if all ingredients can be biodegraded accordingly or pass into the soil as biologically compatible mineral residues. This corresponds to our claim of how we would like to develop eternal colours: recyclable and in the case of bioplastics, according to the cradle-to-cradle principle.

Appealing trendy colours even for biopolymers

We succeeded in designing the trend colours from Colour Road 2022 for the colouring of bio-based, home-compostable polymers for the first time as a pilot project. Eleven LIFOCOLOR Bio-C masterbatch formulas illustrate that biopolymer products don’t have to look boring - quite the opposite: biopolymers may look beautiful!

More about Colour Road 2022

New: Bio-C Plant-based Masterbatches

In the course of our eternal colours concept and with regard to the high demands on colour concentrates for biopolymers, we have developed new masterbatches: based on 100% natural, vegan colourants. Learn more!

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Solutions for biopolymers

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