Sports and Leisure
Sports and Leisure

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Combination Masterbatches for Sports and Leisure Products

It is impossible to imagine leisure and sports without polymers. They are used for all types of sports and fitness equipment, but are also useful for equipping athletes with goggles, helmets and shoes. The product value for the sport and leisure sector is assisted by appropriate masterbatches and the use of trendy colours.

Technical high-performance polymers are often used in the sports sector, and also in the form of blends, that are coloured attractively and combined with fluorescent, metallic, deep black or granite effects. Additionally in demand are good light- and weather-fast as well as UV stabilising products, especially for the outdoors. Laser absorbing pigments that facilitate a waterproof bond often come into use here. Soft elastic thermoplastics are immune to migration and are sweat-resistant, in order to produce the best possible product grip. With diverse combination masterbatches, Lifocolor colourists meet the various demands tailor-made for a wide variety of products: From sports shoes that have a base colour with fluorescent coloured applications to running surfaces, with consideration put into improving its slipping property with its colour.

A special demand for the use of various polymer types results because many sports and leisure products consist of multiple parts. It is hoped that the colours are perceived independent of the light type and must greatly consider the freedom of metamers. These are achieved to a great extent with designated pigment compositions.

Examples of Use

  • Sports Shoes
  • Trimming devices
  • Ski coatings
  • Ski bindings
  • Sports glasses
  • Safety helmets
  • Fitness watches
  • Fishing lines

 Lifocolor Solutions / Products

  • LIFOSTAB Light Protection Masterbatches
  • LIFOCOLOR EFFECTS - Multi colour effect, Metal Look 2.0, Metallic effect
  • LIFOLAS W Laser Welding-Masterbatches
  • LIFOLAS M Laser Marking-Masterbatches

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Sports and Leisure

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