Recycling and Sustainability
Recycling and Sustainability

For a clean Future

Masterbatches Support Sustainability and Recycling

Thanks to its versatility, polymers retain a multitude of uses. They are lightweight, inexpensive, easy to shape and durable. Not only does its durability have its advantages. Eliminating polymer products will be a challenge.

In the meantime, there are many possibilities for reducing polymer waste. The brand owners keep the increasing legislative pressure at the forefront and create their packaging solely from recycled products. In this way, sorted post-consumer materials are usually in brand packaging for cosmetics and cleaning agents. In polymer production, the switch can already be made to recycling and thereby allowing for easy sorting. Appropriate colouring solutions for new products ensure, for example, that old polymers can be sorted easily. NIR-detectable masterbatches support automatic sorting.

Masterbatches for recycling processes can be established according to set recyclate or what are called Virgin Polymer Carrier Systems (new polymer products). The latter are appropriate for new products that are designated for the recycling system. Suitable additives work against the recycling degradation process with repeated thermal pressure. Colour masterbatches that are especially suitable for recyclate make sure that the quality of the optics are maintained. Recyclable masterbatches last longer than a large number of recycling cycles without noticeably damaging the colour.

Examples of Use

  • Packaging
  • Cosmetics packaging
  • Beverage packaging
  • Household articles

Lifocolor Solutions / Products

  • LIFOCYCLE - Products for the recycling process

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Recycling and Sustainability

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