Research and Development
Research for the Future

We work constantly to further develop our products.

Innovations Are Part of Our Everyday Lives

The growing and changing market for polymers brings with it new fields of application to be tapped into and new products to be developed. Our corporate culture is based on sustainable employee development, resource-optimised processes and efficient products so that we can reach the goals we’ve set.

Innovation on Track

Our Development department tests new materials and technologies. In the “F&E” department, our material experts evaluate new raw materials in a continual process, allowing them to complete the chemical kit that the colourists and product developers draw on. The new and further development of existing products and solutions, as well as the replacement of materials such as wood and metal with polymer, are part of our experts’ everyday work. 

Processing machines are becoming more efficient and the process window is getting tighter. This requires extensive knowledge about the colourants and polymer additives used, as well as their use in various production procedures.

Together for the Future

In direct dialogue with the customer’s Development department, our experienced technicians work out new solutions for colouring, stabilising and functionalising plastic products and provide you with support in developing your products. 

Progress Through Continued Development

To nurture our employees’ knowledge and skills, we support them through appropriate continued development measures and solid training. Our investment in research and development allows us to offer you high-quality, competitive solutions in the future.

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Research and Development

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