Small miracles in pellet form

What are Masterbatches?

Masterbachtes are colour concentrates in the form of pellets. They are used to colour or modify the properties of polymers. The proportion of colourant or additive in your concentrate will be higher than in the end product. Masterbatches are dosed very precisely and mixed into the raw polymer during processing.

Advantages of Masterbatches

Compared with other preparations such as pastes, powder mixtures or liquid colours, masterbatches can be processed quickly and cleanly with the specified dosage. They can be stored with no problem, allowing for flexible colouring in relatively low production volumes. The desired colour effect is adjusted for the respective polymer type, the processing method chosen and the general component requirements based on each customer.

We place particular importance on optimally dispersed colourants and additives with pure homogeneous distribution of the colourants and additives contained.

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