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Safe Masterbatch Composition for Toys

Toys made from polymers are popular and will remain so. They are robust and can be produced in a variety of kid-friendly designs and shapes. Bright colours that speak to children and shoppers are part of the recipe for success. The manufacturer carries a large responsibility in regards to the colouring of toys. The manufacturer must guarantee product safety. For this reason, toys designated for small children have especially strict threshold values.

A variety of national and international provisions are to be observed in Germany, such as the EU Toy Directive 2009/48/EG, and implemented with the second directive on product safety - 2nd ProdSV. There is in principle a ban on the use of carcinogenic, mutagenic and teratogenic materials (according to the CLP directive (EG) 1272/2008) in toys. It defines threshold values for various elements, the compliance with which must be checked directly on the toy. For organic pigments, a VdMI position paper recommends following the “ETAD Recommendation for “Total” Element Limits for Organic Pigments Products Sold into Toys.”

Our colourists lay the groundwork for safe toy designs in bright colours. They have years of toy colouring experience to draw on. With its competent consulting in colouring, Lifocolor already guarantees in the development phase that the manufacturer's desired colour is realised in the respective polymers for the toy. With the development of the masterbatch, the colourists use colourants and additives that have been specially chosen for delicate application. This absolves the toy manufacturer not from their responsibility to ensure that the end product complies with the threshold values. This is because the process can influence the migration values. They can be assured that the precise masterbatch composition was made according to latest knowledge that was discussed repeatedly with the customer.

Examples of Use

  • Baby Products
  • Toy Cars
  • Building Kits
  • Garden Playground Equipment

Lifocolor Solutions / Products

  • LIFOSTAB Light Protection Masterbatches
  • LIFOSLIP Slip Agent-Masterbatch
  • LIFOCOLOR EFFECTS - Multi colour effect, Metal Look 2.0, Metallic effect

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