Quality and Sustainability
Quality and Sustainability

The careful use of resources is a matter of course for us.

We Take Our Responsibility Seriously

Our work in developing and manufacturing masterbatches and compounds is precise and of the highest level. Our high awareness of quality can be found in every area of our company.

Regular Inspections

We ensure the high quality of our products and services with our modern quality management. We make every effort to optimise and further develop our products and services. Our processes are checked and monitored through regular inspections. We bring our technical and legal know-how to the development of new products and find the right solution, even for customised applications.

Intensive Support

We rely on dedicated employees who are conscious of quality and promote advanced training to continue teaching our employees and continually improve our processes. Our teams are structured so that every employee is responsible for their own work. Our employees take part in training activities and receive intensive introductory training when they join the company as a matter of course. We strongly value well-founded training.

High Environmental Awareness

Sustainable thinking and acting to protect our environment is an important guideline for us. Last but not least, the plastics industry is constantly calling for new measures and developments in the field of environmentally friendly material degradation.  As a plastics processor, it is our responsibility to work with our customers to design solutions for current requirements in terms of sustainability, increasing recycling rates and product life cycles or the use of single-use items and their recycling processes.

Living out Energy Management

Conserving energy is an important issue for a manufacturing company. To reduce energy needs, we work with machinery and systems that we always keep at the state of the art. This reduces emissions and keeps energy consumption as low as possible.

All Lifocolor plants are ISO 9001 certified. Our two sites in Germany, Lichtenfels and Straufhain, have practiced energy management according to DIN EN ISO 50001 since 2015. We will be happy to inform you with our energy policy on request.

Consistent Recycling

Our closed production cycles include consistent recycling of production waste. We use colour-efficient formulations in manufacturing that conserve resources. We train our employees to avoid waste and work in a way that conserves energy.

The industry is changing and the demand for environmentally friendly products is increasing. Lifocolor is constantly developing new products in this area, such as LifoCycle - sustainable and recyclable products. Read more here.

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Quality and Sustainability

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